Admission Policy

In March of every year, children of all nationalities who are three years and older on the 1st of October of the same academic year are welcome to apply. First priority is given to children who have siblings registered in the school

All applicants will be assessed prior to admission in order to provide the child with the educational needs within a main stream class without significant extra support.

Children are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once a class is full, the rest of the children who passed the admission test are put on a waiting list. 

Admission Procedures

Age Requirements: Please take into consideration the age requirements listed below when applying to Manarat El-Maadi Language School:

If applying to: Applicant should be:

Nursery: Three years and 6 months old in October.
KG1: Four years old in October.

As for KG2, preference is given to students with the most academic ability, keeping in mind space availability and the date when the application was first submitted. The acceptance in KG2 is pending upon passing the placement test and the submission of KG1 transcript from the previous school.


All applicants must submit the following:

1.An application form obtained from the admission office must be completed and signed by the parents.
2.Fees for the application must be paid at the time of admission.
3.Entry Evaluation

The admission office will set an appointment for the child’s evaluation test.
The admission office will also set an appointment for the personal interview with both of the applicant’s parents.
-Student’s acceptance depends on the approval of the KG Headmistress.

4.Official Documents Needed:

A. Original birth certificate (or official documented copy) or passport (if any).
B. Medical Examination form, to be completed by the child’s physician.
C. Student’s medical history report to be completed by the applicant’s parent or guardian.