Admission Requirements

An evaluation test in English and math’s so as to be able to determine the academic level of the student.

  • The evaluation test is compulsory for all new applicants as it measures the level of needed assistance.
  • All candidates must sit with their parents for an interview to evaluate their social and psychological adaptability.


  1. Filling an application form.
  2. Taking the placement test.
  3. Sitting for an interview both parent sand the candidate with the KG Principal.
  4. Upon acceptance the application will be signed by the principal and sent to the students’ affairs office.
  5. Paying the tuition fees.
  6. Submitting the required documents, within one week after the interview.


  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Previous progress report must be attached to the documents if it is from abroad.
  3. Photocopy of the parents’ I.D.
  4. 6 passport size photos.
  5. A valid visa for Non Egyptian parents.