School Adminstration

General Manager

update 2

Mrs. Nadia Masoud
School Principal

Academic Staff

head of American

Mrs. Taghreed Ibrahim
Head of American Division

Mrs. Mona El-DEsouky

Mrs. Mona El-Desouky
Head of IGCSE Division


Mrs. Amal Samir
Head of KG Department


MRS. Gehan Abdallah
         Head of Primary Stage             National Division    

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MRS. Amany Hablas
       Head of Preparatory &                    Secondary Stage             National Division 

Financial Controller

Mr. Ahmed Ali

Administrative Coordinator

Mr. Ahmed Abdelsatar


Administrative Coordinator

Mr. Hamed El-Ayouty

Head of Admission Office

Mrs. Mona El Dosoky

Head of Admission Office

Mr. Magdi Abd El Rehim

Student Affairs

Mrs. Sherin Mostafa