Head of KG Department Message

Welcome to K.G. Departments of Manarat El Maadi International and National School

We would like you all to know that our vision and mission in Manarat Kindergarten is “Learning through Play”. The early year’s classroom includes learning centers that offer instruction through various tools that ensure diverse students to reach their learning goals. Our curriculum provides our Early Years students instruction through various tools and projects with activities throughout the day.

Students experience different strategies that address their individual needs.

Students data is collected every term to measure their achievement against the standards. A plan for each student is created to move to the next step on the journey of meeting the standards.

we will provide an excellent KG curriculum Program in the English language integrated with International Curriculum.

Our vision is supported by placing great importance on a values-driven education. We encourage independent learning, empowering students to take on responsibility and become confident, tolerant, resilient people of integrity, capable of both leadership and compassion.

Along with the teachers and staff, I will work hard to continue the strong relationships with parents and we will focus on character education initiatives. we believe that a child learns most effectively when there is consistent support and communication between the school, the students, and the parents.

At Manarat El Maadi Social integration and the development of positive social skills is an integral part of our academic program. Our students learn to share and be supportive of each other while working together collaboratively on projects and classroom activities. They form strong friendships with their classmates and teachers in which they become their family during the school hours.

Wishing you a fruitful academic year.

Head of Kindergarten

Mrs. Amal Samir